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Technology for more efficiency.

We know what you need, so we have developed a Modular Platform to allow you to manage your relationships with your agencies.

Each unit fully optimises management for each stage of the process.

Together, the units will provide you with the IDEAL OVERALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, from the brief, through the evaluation of the agency or project, all the way to the storage of the end result.

adv!se OPTIMA is composed of the following modules

Management of advertising campaigns and elements

Send briefs, view sketches for graphics, audio-visual material and prototypes, make modifications, add comments and give your approval, all within one online platform that unites the work of the whole development team, minimising errors and optimising time and resources.

Brand Guardianship

Ensure compliance with the formal and conceptual specifications in your brand manual. You can even make final approval dependent on it.

Monitoring of resources for campaigns or agencies

Find out the status of each project and the resources you have invested: agency hours, campaign budget, production costs, etc.

Qualitative evaluation of campaigns and agencies

Evaluate the work of your agency or partner, online, at any time. Rate an individual project or the agency’s performance over a specific period of time.

Campaign library

Save all campaigns and projects in a virtual library you can search, consult or use to send elements from at any time.

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